Our Program
Time To Play

Why is play so crucial in child development? Play is the window to your child’s cognition. If you are present in their play, you have the fortunate ability to peek through this window. It is through play that children’s language expands, cognition develops and problem solving skills increase.  It is also through play that children have the opportunity to express their emotions, develop awareness of social expectations and learn to become flexible/divergent thinkers.

The question that most parents ask is, “How do I play with my child?” For most of us, we are far removed from play, involved in our busy adult lives.  For a few moments, disconnect from the stresses of your adult life and step into your child’s world.  Find out what your child enjoys playing with, roll up your sleeves and play along.  Children will instantaneously welcome you  and guide you through their play.  Follow your child’s lead and allow yourself to be silly, imaginative and playful.

Keep in mind, playing is not a job, it’s just fun!

Fun and Creative Games To Play! 

1.  Puppet Theater Party
2. Play-dough Playtime
3. Improv Role-play
4. Color War
5. Bingo with Buddies
6. Stir it Up in the Kitchen
7. Pick-up Party!
8. Memory Match-Up
9. Dress-up Drama
10. Bath-time Bubbles