Getting Started

The First Steps

The first step that we take is to listen and understand. This allows for the therapist to quickly determine how to begin the diagnostic process. We will typically probe on the following:

  • Your primary concern about your child’s speech and language
  • Brief description of your child’s speech, language and feeding history
  • Information about your child’s hearing tests (if applicable)

This will help to determine if there is a need for a more comprehensive evaluation.

The Next Step:  Evaluation

A speech-language evaluation is performed when there are concerns regarding the development of your child’s communication and/or speech production skills. A comprehensive evaluation examines your child’s pre-linguistic skills, speech, expressive and receptive skills.  To do a proper evaluation we use industry validated diagnostic tools along with informal clinical observations to thoroughly assess your child.   Based on the results of the formal and informal evaluation, a diagnosis is made and a personalized treatment plan is developed.

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What Next?

After the evaluation process, we will work together with you, as well any other parties involved in your child’s growth and learning, to create a fun and effective treatment program.

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